The Pandemic Professors

Artwork by Danielle Fleenor

Pandemic Professors is a podcast on belonging and connection in the midst of the Coronavirus, hosted by Dr. West Bowers and Dr. Stirling Barfield. We bring together the community of the New River Valley, Virginia for conversations, comedy, and comfort.

As featured in The Roanoke Times and Radford University’s #HighlandersRise series.



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Pandemic Professors

Dr. West Bowers is an associate professor in the School of Communication at Radford University. He teaches a wide range of media studies courses with a focus on video production. Dr. Bowers’ main interests revolve around giving students the tools they need to express their thoughts and ideas. When not teaching, he loves to play video games while his dog, Pixie, is curled up beside him.

Dr. Stirling Barfield is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Radford University. She relocated to Virginia from Florida where she received a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology (SLP) and a second Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University. After practicing as a licensed SLP and subsequently as a mental health clinician, she returned to the university setting to pursue a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Barfield is passionate about mentoring her university students, individual and community resilience, self-care, and belonging. In her free time, she enjoys chasing her new puppy, Rye, tap dancing, and watching outtakes of the Carol Burnett Show.

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